Pollinators in Peril

A great TED talk by Marla Spivak


LCB shelter

Leafcutter bee shelter in alfalfa field - photo by Rob Koeling

Farmers Need for Pollinators

This study by the USDA and the Xerces Society offers farmers in the USA assistance for planting for pollinators. Why can't we?

Garden for Wildlife

As wilderness disappears and the human-dominated landscape expands, butterflies, songbirds, and other creatures are left without places to live. Gardeners can do something about this problem. Have a look-see at this website: Gardening for Wildlife

Garbage in the Great Lakes


The Great Lakes may be developing a garbage patch like the Pacific Ocean Gyre. The throw-away generation is affecting our very own Great Lakes. Read more about it here.


Climate Change -- a scientist tells all

This famous photo just about tells it all. Our Arctic is melting and the plants and animals adapted to the Arctic environment are in danger.

Listen to this TED talk from a NASA Scientist.